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Jenny Jakl

Vibrant Abstract Artist


Creative Community Leader

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About Me

Hey There! I’m Jenny, an enthusiastic Artist, Community Builder, Creative Coach, and Instructor. I know. It's ALOT. But what can I say, I'm really passionate about elevating the careers of dual career creatives.

I’m on a mission to champion Artists to pursue their creative passions.

I'm a former 9-5er turned Creative. Art is how I build relationships and develop my community. As a former Corporate Executive breaking free from the structure and 24/7 hustle, I understand the challenges of adjusting to being my own boss. I’ve immersed myself in the healing powers of art as a way to be liberated from a world of rules into a fluid, free, and creative life.

By sharing my experiences and story I want to liberate others who are considering a creative career to free themselves, create boldly, and nurture their creative being.

Woman Drawing on Notebook
Woman Working on a Laptop in the Garden

"I discovered Jenny while looking at new artists for fun, bright abstracts. I was really drawn to her unique style. I recently purchased a small piece from her. It came today and is beautiful and bright! Attention to detail is evident in Jenny's packaging and personal note. I will be watching Jenny's career develop and I am sure to purchase again!"

Jill S. - Client

"Trees, trees, trees!! Everywhere I look there are trees! Green ones, blue ones, forests of trees!!

Seriously Jenny, the ladies really enjoyed your workshop, and have spent the rest of yesterday and all of today (so far) making trees. Thank you so much for including them."

Mike W. - Workshop Student

A Happy Woman in a Sweater

"Jen is such a wonderful person and a fantastic Artist! I had been eyeing one of her paintings for a while and I’m so happy to finally own one! The order shipped and arrived quickly and I'm just so pleased and definitely NEED more of her work."

Hannah M. - Collector/Client

Business Portrait of Young Woman

"Jenny is a generous and encouraging cheerleader. So much of my artist’s journey has been pretty solitary. To realize I have people in my life that want me to succeed was amazing. So grateful to have you in my life. You're so good at bringing people together in a safe environment."

Lorri J. - Coaching Client

"Jenny has a sunny disposition that draws you near, with subtle giggles that make each project fun.

Jenny’s artwork embodies her personality. Lively contemporary art pieces that jump off the canvas. Constant reinvention of her interpretations are exciting and unique.

Have fun with Jenny and her art. It will transform your home or office for great conversations, or just simple admiration between you and your chosen pieces."

Tracy L. - Collector/Client

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